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Popeye - Original Classics (2005)

This special collector's edition DVD of Popeye - Original Classics features the best of the original 1930's Popeye cartoons produced by the legendary Max Fleischer Studio - including all three of the extra-length color "specials". Each of these cartoons have been digitally remastered from original 35mm material and digitally restored to their original brilliance. Full of bonus features, interviews, still galleries and much more!

Little Swee'Pea (1936)
I'm In the Army Now (1936)
The Paneless Window Washer (1937)
I Never Changes My Altitude (1937)
A Date to Skate (1938)
Customers Wanted (1939)
Me Musical Nephews (1942)
Color Specials:
Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor (1936)
Popeye Meets Ali Baba and His 40 Thieves (1937)
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp (1939)
Bonus Material:
*Rare Interviews with Jack Mercer (voice of Popeye), Mae Questel (Voice of Olive Oyl), Jackson Beck (Bluto/Brutus), animators Shamus Culhane, Gordon Sheehan and Rosalie Waldman * A Number of Still Galleries: Original animation art, Storyboards, Posters and rare behind the scenes photos and Stills from the Popeye Picnic
*A visit to Chester, Illinois- home of Popeye
*Original Fleischers' "Sing Along with Popeye" (1933)
*A documentary: Tour of the Fleischer Studios from 1939
*Soaky TV commercial
*Pencil tests
*A rare recording by the first voice of Popeye (William "Red Pepper Sam" Costello)

Attack of the 30's Characters (2005)

Attack of the 30's Characters features 16 cartoons, featuring many memorable (and forgotten) stars. These cartoons delighted depression-era audiences with their superb animation, surreal gags and jazzy musical scores. Each of these cartoons have been digitally remastered from excellent 35mm and 16mm material and presented in their original uncut form - many with the original theatrical title frames restored.

1. Congo Jazz---Bosko/Harman-Ising/Looney Tunes (1930)
2. In Wonderland---Oswald the Lucky Rabbit/Walter Lantz/Universal (1931)
3. Bars and Stripes---Krazy Kat/Charles Mintz/Columbia (1931)
4. Lady, Play Your Mandolin---Foxy/Harman-Ising/Merrie Melodies (1931)
5. Noah's Outing---Farmer Al Falfa/Terrytoons/Educational Pictures/Fox (1932)
6. In the Bag---Tom and Jerry/Van Beuren/RKO (1932)
7. Is My Palm Red?---Betty Boop/Fleischer Studios/Paramount (1933)
8. Funny Face---Flip the Frog/Ub Iwerks/MGM (1933)
9. The Mad Doctor---Mickey Mouse/Walt Disney/United Artists(1933)
10. Jolly Good Felons---The Little King/Van Beuren Studios/RKO (1934)
11. Jack Frost (1934); replaces Little Black Sambo (from Ub Iwerks' Comicolor series/Celebrity Pictures; 1935; Thunderbean DVD)
12. Merry Kittens---Van Beuren Studios/Rainbow Parade/RKO (1935)
13. The Beachcombers---Oswald the Lucky Rabbit/Walter Lantz/Universal (1936)
14. To Spring---Harman-Ising/Happy Harmonies series/MGM (1936)
15. Porky's Railroad---Porky Pig/Warner Bros. (1937)
16. The Paneless Window Washer---Popeye/Fleischer/Paramount(1937)

Return of the 30's Characters (2005)

Return to the beginning of the Golden Era of animation- again! This collection, a sequel to the popular DVD, "Attack of the 30's Characters," features 15 cartoons representing most of the major American cartoon studios of the 1930s. These cartoons delighted depression-era audiences and remain fresh and funny today. These classic films have been digitally remastered from original 16mm and 35mm film materials, presented in their original, uncut form, with original theatrical title sequences restored or recreated.

This collection includes: The Museum (1930) Starring Toby the Pup, Bosko's Holiday (1931) Starring Bosko, Little Orphan Willie (1930) Starring Flip the Frog, Smile, Darn ya Smile (1931) Starring Foxy, Rise To Fame (1934) Starring Betty Boop, Boom Boom(1936) Starring Porky Pig And Beans the Cat, Joint Wipers (1932) Starring Tom and Jerry, Making Good (1932) Starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Brementown Musicians (1935) Comi-Color- Iwerks, His Off Day (1938) Starring Puddy the Pup, The Hunting Season (1935) Rainbow Parade Cartoon, House of Magic (1937) Starring Meany, Miny & Moe, Get Rich Quick Porky (1937) Starring Porky Pig and Gabby Goat, Balloonland-(1935) a Comi-Color cartoon; Hawaiian Birds (1937) A Color Classic Cartoon Plus special Bonus features include information about the cartoons and their creators, plus "The Pincushion Man" (original Castle Films Cinecolor Print). As a special bonus, an actual original piece of a 1940's 'Cinecolor' Ub Iwerks cartoon is included with each DVD.

Cartoons For Victory (2006)

These World War II era shorts, produced in the United States and around the world, were never meant to survive past wartime, and understandably many have been shelved, lost or forgotten since the mid-1940s. Featuring Private Snafu and others.

Cultoons - Ads and Oddities (2006)

There are many famous cartoon characters we know and love, but what about the ones that didn't achieve great success? What happened to the animated advertisements and educational films? Many of these animated gems have been lost to time, often abandoned and forgotten. Not Anymore! The CULTOONS collection gathers these rare gems together, most unseen by the general public since their creation. Cultoons - Ads and Oddities features lost work by Cy Young, one of Walt Disney's special effects artists, animated commercials from Dr. Seuss, promotional shorts from Chad & Al Stahl and Hugh Harmon Productions, and Monkey Doodle by Les Elton, one of the strangest cartoons ever made! These great shorts have been assembled and digitally remastered from original 16mm and 35mm films (many from the only known print), preserved by collectors and archives around the world.


The Complete Adventures of Cubby Bear (1933)

Cubby Bear returns! In the early 1930's, Mickey Mouse was the king of cartoons and every studio attempted to capture some of the same success. The Van Beuren Studio chose Cubby Bear, who appeared in 20 cartoons between 1933 and 1934. Created by studio animator Mannie Davis, these charming cartoons are among the best ever produced at the short lived studio (it closed in 1936). They feature surreal gags, crazy animation and great jazzy soundtracks! Presented here are all 20 Cubby Bear cartoons (the entire series assembled for the first time), Including two produced by the Harman/ Ising studio, and one by Harman/ Ising that was never released. These almost forgotten cartoons have been wet-gated and digitally restored from original film materials and presented in their original, uncut form, from Thunderbean animation.

OPENING NIGHT (1933), LOVE'S LABOR WON (1933), THE LAST MAIL (1933), BUBBLES AND TROUBLES (1933), BARKING DOGS (1933), INDIAN WHOOPIE (1933), FRESH HAM (1933), THE NUT FACTORY (1933), CUBBY'S WORLD FLIGHT (1933), CUBBY'S PICNIC (1933), GAY GAUCHO (1933), Galloping Fanny (1933), CROON CRAZY (1933), SINISTER STUFF (1934), GOODE KNIGHT (1934), HOW'S CROPS? (1934), CUBBY'S STRATOSPHERE FLIGHT (1934), MILD CARGO (1934), FIDDLIN' FUN (last release--1934), MISCHIEVOUS MICE (unreleased--1933)

Aesop's Fables from the Van Beuren Studio, Volume 1 (1930)

Aesop's Fables, Aesops Fables, Volume 1 is a compendium of the most delightfully bizarre, surrealistic, and strangest animated cartoons of the depression era; and of the small New York-based Van Beuren Studio that created them. The series features a cast of characters including skipping hippos, musical monks, dancing architecture, bony piano-playing spectres, drunken singing turtles and amorphous fowl dancing themselves into graves. Their antics are supported by dreamlike, sometimes nightmarish panoramas, and invigorating musical scores by Gene Rodemich, popular dance band leader of the 1920s. Thunderbean is proud to present this excellent quality collection of 16 Fables from the original series, all digitally transferred from original film prints, including original 35mm theatrical nitrate material, with restored original titles cards; and re-recorded soundtracks. In over 70 years, the images have never looked fresher or the soundtracks crispier and full-bodied.

Titles include: Happy Polo (a 1932 reissue of The Polo Match 1929); Summertime; The Iron Man; Haunted Ship and Gypped In Egypt (both with Waffles & Don); A Romeo Robin; Noah Knew His Ark; Hot Tamale; Making Em Move; Fly Frolic; The Family Shoe; Farmerette; Chinese Jinks; The Cats Canary; Toy Time; and Silvery Moon. Bonus Features include: An Aesop's Fables Primer (overview and notes on the cartoons); Meet The Maestros (profiles of Josiah Zuro, Carl Edouarde, and Gene Rodemich); About Fables Music (revealing titles of familiar melodies in Fables, Disney and Iwerks cartoons), Side by side comparison Animation Sequence (Toy time and Silvery Moon), an Aesop's Fables sing-a-long, original cylinder and 78 rpm recordings of fables melodies and best-selling sides by Gene Rodemich and his orchestra. Picture Galleries, Posters, packages, advertisements, original and reissue title cards; and the Aesop's Fables Movie Book (1931 childrens publication by the Van Beuren staff).

Cultoons, Volume 2 (1931)

Cultoons, Volume 2: Animated Education - There are many famous cartoon characters we know and love, but what about the ones that didn't achieve great success? What happened to the animated advertisements and educational films? Many of these animated gems have been lost to time, often abandoned and forgotten. Not Anymore! The CULTOONS collection gathers these rare gems together, most unseen by the general public since their creation.features more strange and lost cartoons.

Titles include: Finding his Voice (29, Fleischer) Family Album (30, Terry/ Audio Productions) A Desert Delimma (30, Cy Young/ Audio Productions) Out of a Milk Bottle (30/34, Jam Handy) See How they Won (35, Iwerks) Once Upon a Time (36, Audio Productions) 3 Blind Mice (45, Ottawa Film Board) Winky the Watchman (46, Hugh Harman) Nursery Rhyme Films (48, Bernie Wolf) Swab Your Choppers (UPA, 1948) Accident Prevention Aboard Ship (UPA, 1951) Discipline Pays Off (1951) Bonus features include sheet music from Once Upon a time, Commentaries by Mark Kausler, Milton Knight, Jerry Beck, Stephen Worth, Mike Kazeleh and Steve Stanchfield.

The Complete Animated Adventures of the Little King (1933)

Van Beuren's rarely seen Little King cartoon series, based on Otto Soglow's popular comic strip creation, were produced in 1933 and 1934. These charming and nearly forgotton shorts are inventive, funny and entertaining, featuring great animation and musical scores by Gene Rodemich and Winston Sharples. This special collector's edition DVD features (for the first time available anywhere) the complete series, including the pre-Little King Sentinel Louie cartoons, plus Fleischer Studio's 1936 Betty Boop cartoon featuring the Little King, restored from original 16mm and 35mm film prints.

Contents: AM to PM (1933) A Dizzy Day (1933) The Fatal Note (1933) Marching Along (1933) On the Pan (1933) Pals (aka Christmas Night) (1933) Jest of Honor (1934) Jolly Good Felons (1934) Sultan Pepper (1934) A Royal Good Time (1934) Art for Art's Sake (1934) Cactus King (1934) Betty Boop and the Little King (1934) Bonus features include still galleries, liner notes by Chris Buchman, Milton Knight and Producer Steve Stanchfield.

Cultoons, Volume 3

Cultoons, Volume 3: Monkeys, Monsters and More! There are many famous cartoon characters we know and love, but what about the ones that didn't achieve great success? What happened to the animated advertisements and educational films? Many of these animated shorts have been lost to time, often abandoned and forgotten. Not Anymore! The CULTOONS collection gathers these rare gems together, most unseen by the general public since their creation. Volume 3, for some reason, has an abundance of cartoons featuring Monkeys, including including all of UB Iwerks Gran' Pop Monkey and all the known Marty the Monk Cartoons (by producer Boyd La Vero).

Titles include: Marty the Monk- Boyd La Vero 1931, Mere Maids- Boyd La Vero 1932, Mexically Lilly- Boyd La Vero 1932 (with recreated soundtrack) Beauty Shoppe- Grand Pop Monkey(Cartoon films, Inc. UB Iwerks) Cinecolor, A Busy Day-Grand Pop Monkey, Cartoon films, Inc.Cinecolor, Baby Checkers-Grand Pop Monkey 1939- Cartoon films, Inc, The Butcher, The Baker, the Ice Cream Maker- 1960, KLING! productions-15 mins The Enemy Bacteria- Walter Lantz Productions/ US Army- Kodachrome 1945 (28 minutes), Mr. E from Tow City (11 minutes of clips, 50's / 60's), Up and Atom (a.k.a Tommy and the Atom, late 50's), The Doings of Turp and Tine (late 20's silent educational short), Experimental Animation by Len Lye, 1933 (The Peanut Vendor), Plus linar note information about the films gallery, commentaries featuring Ken Priebe, Milton Knight, Jerry Beck, Mike Kazaleh, Steve Worth, Steve Stanchfield and John Kenworthy.

Cartoon Commercials!

A classic collection of animated ads throughout the years of televison. You'll see cereal ads with Quisp and Quake, Pink Panther Flakes, the Carnation rabbits, Mr. Magoo for 3-way lightbulbs, and many other hard to find rarities. As a bonus, if you click the subtitle button, you'll see information about the ads including studios, voice talent, etc. A nice and nostalgic collection for any enthusiast.

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